Welcome to Hakomi of Calgary

About Us

The Hakomi Institute of Calgary has been leading trainings and workshops in the Hakomi Method since the mid-90's.  Here you will find a community of highly skilled, mindfulness-based clinicians who work within the Hakomi Principles of Mindfulness, Non-Violence, Unity, Organicity, and Mind-Body Integration and Wholeness.   We invite psychotherapists, body-workers, educators, and other helping professionals to learn this Method in a healthy, dynamic and compassionate learning environment.

Workshops and Trainings

Workshops offer participants an experience of Hakomi principles and key techniques, presented by Hakomi Institute trainers. We also offer a two-year comprehensive Hakomi professional training and and Advanced Certification process.


“Learning the Hakomi Method has been one of the most personally and professionally enriching experiences of my career. I have gained tools to help my clients rapidly access and transform their pain and struggle, and found it profoundly effective across a wide range of individuals with a variety of long-term and challenging clinical and life problems. I cannot recommend this training highly enough.”- J Rutstein

 "I had no idea what to expect from the workshop and I'm glad I had no idea. This blows away anything I could have ever imagined".  

  “I have the highest regard for Jaci as a trainer. She moves between experiential and lecture formats with grace and ease. She is refreshing and real, and masterful at being present.”